A List of the Best Sportsbooks

Before you place any kind of wager online it’s extremely important you make sure and pick the right sportsbook! Since the US market is at a peak right now there are several reputable sports betting websites that will take bets from players in the United States. The two biggest and most reputable are Bovada and BetOnline. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or someone fairly new to the game, the reviews on this website (all which are based on first-hand experiences) is guaranteed to give you the upper-hand when it comes to choosing which internet sportsbook you should trust with your hard-earned cash!

What You Should Know About Offshore Sportsbooks
Internet sports betting websites operate within a grey area of US law. While traditional US sportsbooks are licensed and regulated within their specific region (such as Nevada or New Jersey), offshore books do not have (and are not required to have) any sort of licensing or certification that would hold up in a US court of law. That means if you ever dispute a charge with one of these companies, legal action might not be an option. Thankfully, the top rated sportsbooks (including Bovada and BetOnline) have proven themselves to be helpful whenever any type of problem arises. With these companies, customer service is always top-notch and cash outs are processed quickly and easily.

What Makes The Best Online Sportsbook?
Although the process of logging in and placing a bet might sound simple, there is much more you should take into consideration before joining a sportsbook. Reliability, professionalism, a user-friendly platform, and speedy cash outs are just a few things you should be taking into consideration before joining. In a crowded field, many people rush to signup at places which offer large sign-up bonuses. Don’t be fooled by that! Just because a restaurant has great appetizers it doesn’t mean the main course will be as good! Ask yourself what types of bets you will be making, how frequently you’ll be making them, and what types of services you think you’ll actually need. Experienced players will be looking for things like high limits, early lines, and different opportunities to get reduced juice. Veterans understand percentages and that signing up at one place could result in them getting -105 lines and opposed to something like -110 lines. They also know those kinds of advantages can lead to huge profits over a period of time.

Deposit Methods
Some people prefer to make deposits using their credit card, which is fine. However, other methods have also become extremely popular in recent years. Western Union and BitCoin are the two other most common deposit methods used by USA players. BitCoin is probably the best since it can be linked to directly to your bank account while also offering fast, easy and cheap deposits.

What About Cashing Out?
The bigger sports betting websites will allow for you to cash out at least once per month without incurring any type of fee. Multiple cash outs within the same month could be subject to an additional fee. But, you can basically consider that the industry standard. Most players receive their cash out by requesting BitCoin or a paper check which is delivered through a courier service. US players typically receive their check via FedEx or DHL. Those located in other parts of the world can also receive a bank wire. It’s best to contact the sportsbook directly before making a deposit if you have any other specific questions related to cashing out.