About Us

Hello everyone, my name is Andrew and I’m the creator of SportsbookTrends. The main purpose behind starting this website was to share the different betting trends I spot in NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, and NCAA games. Some blog posts will also include my own personal analysis of different games. Feel free to read them over and take all of the information into consideration when determining which way you’re going to bet in a particular game! This website wasn’t started to sell picks and make false promises to my readers. I simply want to share all of the data I find with each of you so it can be taken into consideration and help you make a smarter decision before placing a bet. You can monitor my record on the results page and then make a decision for yourself as to whether you agree and want to follow my pick or not. The data used in betting trends comes from bets being placed through a variety of sportsbooks online.

I sincerely hope this website can help you learn some new information and make smarter sports betting picks. It doesn’t matter whether you play online or at you local casino. It also doesn’t matter whether you’re a daily, weekly, or monthly player. Simply bookmark the site and access it anytime in the future!